Our Vision & Our Mission

OUR VISION: That all human beings… regardless of level of “ability”:

• Will be treated as equals;
• Are ensured the right to be treated with dignity and respect; and
• Live in a safe environment, free from fear and harm. 

OUR MISSION: To provide quality services that:

• Inspire the trust and confidence of the families and clients we serve;
• Provide a stable work force that ensures they receive services in a manner that meets their needs;
• Offer an opportunity for rest and relaxation to ease the stress of the primary caregiver;
• Support families and individuals with a developmental disability to remain at home or in the community of their choice;
• Help bridge the gap of isolation they experience;
• Enhance their quality of life through enriching experiences and interaction; and
• Ensure the right of autonomy.

PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY:  In keeping with our Vision and in furtherance of our Mission …

Inherent to all levels of program operations and provision of services is our commitment to the belief that services to clients must be provided in a manner honoring a person-centered approach, utilizing positive guidance techniques, and acknowledging each person’s need to experience success and peace.  No aversive therapy or discipline techniques resulting in physical, mental or emotional pain to the client are used.

Families United also supports the philosophy that workers are professional caregivers to be afforded the respect and consideration due them in recognition of the vital service they provide.


Equal consideration and respect is given for the rights of the client, his or her family and the worker.  Families United uses a resolution-oriented, cooperative team approach to all levels of Program operations.



In providing services, the unique and varied lifestyles, cultures and beliefs of our clients and staff are things we honor and embrace.  The common ground we share as part of the "human condition" is what we build upon.

"No man is an island" and "It takes a village to raise a child" are well known sayings that express our part in a greater whole.  Our need to feel valid and valued, that our lives have meaning and we are not alone are inherent to our humanness.  Below is a video  Stand By Me from the "Playing For Change" endeavor.  I share this video every chance I get - We are the "family of man" that knows not the boundaries of race or cultures or countries drawn upon a map.  And we are not alone.

and ... We Believe

Experiencing Success allows us to hope.

Hope allows us to build dreams for our future.

Dreams nourish our souls and give our lives direction and meaning.

We strive to provide the opportunity for Success to our Clients and Staff.