About Us

Offering peace of mind and heart - a time to catch your breath.... 

Families United - Respite was established in 1989, to serve clients with developmental disabilities and their families throughout Lake and Mendocino Counties in northern California.

As a working, single woman and the mother of a daughter with special needs and uncontrolled grand mall seizures, owner and Executive Director, Lea Montgomery, relied heavily on the knowledge of her and her daughter's personal experiences in developing the philosophy and guiding principles for our services.

A native to Mendocino County, the challenges and benefits of living in a rural area were well known to Lea and shaped the framework for addressing worker availability and the isolation experienced by our clients and their families.  By maintaining a large and varied staff, we strive to help build "Circles of Support" for our clients and provide an enriching experience through the unique and special qualities offered by each of our workers.

Inherent to all levels of our services is the belief that all human beings are equal; have the right to be treated with dignity and respect; and to live in a safe environment, free from fear and harm.  In keeping with this belief, services to clients are provided in a manner utilizing a positive guidance approach and acknowledging each person’s need to experience success and peace. We pride ourselves on providing personal services that are client-driven and committed to each individuals right to autonomy.

Our Staff

Families United - Respite maintains a workforce of 90-110 staff.  Our goal is to provide families with multiple workers to ensure they are able to receive services when they need and want them.

Families United supports the philosophy that workers are professional caregivers to be afforded the respect and consideration due them in recognition of the vital service they provide.  Respite Workers should possess such qualities as patience, emotional stability, initiative and a non-judgmental attitude toward individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  Individuals with experience in the fields of developmental disabilities, human services, special education and nursing are sought.


Families United provides services for all of Lake and Mendocino Counties with a service area of approximately 6,000 square miles.  Workers are sought in communities throughout both counties.


♦They are as unique and varied as the families and clients we serve.

 Male and Female

Grandmother & Grandfather figures

Younger peer workers

Spanish speaking

Artists and Singers

Teachers and CNA's

Mothers, Fathers, Aunts & Uncles of a child with special needs.

College students

​♦They recognize the importance of the work they do and are committed to the families on their caseload.  They are Available:

On weekends & during the week.

During daytime & evenings.

For long and short stays.

For overnights.

For ongoing schedules and to meet emergency needs.


FT – PT positions.

Want flexible Hours and variety in your work day?

Hope you can “make a positive difference” in someone’s life?

Work one-on-one
with Children  and Adults
with Developmental Disabilities.

Sing & dance, play Nintendo, roll on the floor, giggle, do puzzles, read a story and get paid for it!

$12.00 - $15.00 p/h.
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Currently, Families United needs staff who are bilingual and able to read and understand English.  Our Job Descriptions and Application for Employment are only available in English at this time.

Click on the buttons below to download a pdf version of our Job Descriptions and an Application.

Job Descriptions